Monday, August 11, 2008


What might be the final days of X are now overjoyed by the release of "The One" video. Premiered on, this promo video is something very different from what we got for "All I See". To join the celebration, here are some goodies on what I like to call a "Megapost". Please enjoy and remember to keep supporting us on KylieKrazy!

The One (Album Version) - [Download]
The One (Freemasons Radio Mix) - [Download]
The One (Freemasons Vocal Club Mix) - [Download]
The One (Andy Bernhard Remix) - [Download]
The One (Extended Voyager Mix) - [Download]
The One (Live Acoustic from KylieX2008) - [Download]

Video Downloads

The One (Promo Video) - [Download] /Credit goes to kmfan!
The One (Promo MP4 Video) - [Download] /Credit goes to robertr!
The One (Album Rough Edit Video) - [Download] /Credit goes to Kane!

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QarlosJO said...

Thanks for posting such a cool video.