Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sharing the joy!

This is SO off-topic, but I wanted to share my joy with lovely readers of this blog. First off I must say I'm really happy with the result of K Speakerphone and I'm looking forward to bring the best Kylie media. There is something strange when I try to upload "Kylie: Instrumentals & Karaoke Versions". Everytime I'm uploading it, it starts to rain around here and electricity cuts off. It really pisses me off because I hate when electricity goes away.
But well, the true meaning of this post is to share with you i'm finally done with high school! I know it will sound extremely cheesy, but I'm so pleased and I'm looking forward to go to college! I have been partying little bit, and that's why updates have been so scarce, but don't worry, I'll bring very good material soon. Promise! ;)

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